Time Line Therapy

“In the last few years, it has become obvious that an individual’s Time Line with all the person’s history — his joys and fears, his happiness and sorrow, his loves and hates, his limiting and empowering decisions — is a major part of that person’s personality. We found that, if we were able to intervene in a client’s Time Line therapeutically, we were able to assist the client to create seemingly miraculous changes in his life — changes that extended even to the deepest level of personality”. Dr Tad James (Creator of Time Line Therapy)

Time Line Therapy is one of the latest and most powerful therapeutic techniques.

It has been endorsed by Prince Charles due to its effective application in the Warrior program treating soldiers returning from active duty and suffering posttraumatic stress disorder.

It’s currently being utilised by many doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, here’s what some of them have to say.

Time Line Therapy” techniques are a giant leap forward for the psychological community. By quickly getting to the heart of one’s issues, Tad’s work significantly cuts down long-term psychotherapy.” — Dr. Joe Kovach, Psy.D., Calumet College of St. Joseph
“I’ve been a physician for 30 years, and I’d investigated many psychological programs. Time Line Therapy® techniques are the very best that I have ever seen. It’s incredible what it can do.” — James Taylor, M.D., Redondo Beach, California

Time Line Therapy is very versatile in that it can be used on conditions such as trauma, anxiety, stress disorders and chronic physical conditions to less severe instances such as motivation and confidence issues.

The essence of Time Line Therapy ™ is its ability to blow out negative emotions and limiting decisions. We all experience negative emotions such as Fear, Anger, Anxiety, Sadness and Guilt, for some they may experience these momentarily at a low intensity whilst others may feel these emotions daily and with much more intensity. These negative emotions now control you your personality and therefore your behaviour. Similarly many of us have adopted limiting beliefs and limiting decisions that become part of our personality whether we like it or not. Time Line Therapy aims to eradicates these once and for all. Once these are resolved you can now experience more joy, happiness, success, in fact you will be able to generate empowering emotional states within yourself at will.

How Does TLT work?
The premise of Time Line Therapy is that all events that have taken place in a person’s life from birth to the present day are stored unconsciously along a person’s time line. This includes memories, beliefs, decisions and even feelings and thoughts about future events that have not yet occurred. Each person’s time line will be different. Time Line Therapy goes back to the first occurrence of that negative emotion or limiting decision and neutralises it so that the person can now let go of the event. This ‘letting’ go will then enable the person to move on with their life and regain full control. This process also allows the person to neutralise that emotion in all subsequent events where that emotion may have been felt. This is really powerful as the person does not need to revisit every event where that emotion was felt, all events are neutralised in one sweep.

The process ends by helping the individual create a compelling future that aligns and pairs the mind to the individual’s goals creating a blueprint to success.

The process is completely harmless and safe. Time Line Therapy is not a substitute for medical care and your medical professional should always be sought in the first instance for any psychological or physical conditions.