Threading is possibly the quickest and easiest way to remove unwanted hair from the face. Depending on the area this can be done in as little as 5 minutes. It involves using a thin thread to remove individual or strands of hair from a particular area.
Similar to waxing in that the hair is pulled from the root, this method of hair removal is not messy does not involve wax and is highly targeted in that you can target individual hairs as opposed to sections with waxing
Women tend have their upper lip, eyebrowsor entire face threaded whilst men will use it to shape parts of their beard, excess hair on their ears or between their eyebrows.
The effects of threading can last anywhere from 2 -4 weeks

Clients are advised to avoid washing their face with water of a very high temperature. Often soothing creams or talcum powder can be applied onto the skin in order to cool it down. Clients may find that the area will appear red for several minutes after treatment. In majority of cases the redness will die down in up to 20 minutes.

What about Threading Hair Removal Side Effects?
There are no side effects with the treatment as it is a non-evasive treatment. However, there is a possibility that the thread may cause a cut to appear on the skin. But that happens either if an untrained person does it, or if the skin is too thin or sensitive.