Purete Marine Range – (Oily / Combination skin)
Perfect Matte Fluid (£26.25) – This fluid offers dual anti shine correction and minimises the appearance of pores for flawlessly matte skin for up to 8 hours
Intense Regulating Concentrate (£29.50) – This powerful 7 day treatment product helps to moderate excess sebum, reduce skin thickness and unclog pores for rebalanced, purified skin
Absolute Purifying Mask (£23.00) – Rich in absorbent clay and astringent witch hazel, this skincare mask removes sebum and impurities in just 10 minutes for fresh clean skin
Imperfection Corrector (£17.50) – Infused with skin restoring hyaluronic acid, this gel helps to purify bacterial hot spots to encourage the disappearance of imperfections in record time.

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