Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways of successfully creating change at the unconscious level. Hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective for a variety of problems such as phobias, stress, trauma’s, panic attacks, addictions, allergies, smoking, weight loss, motivation, exams to name a few.

The aim of Hypnosis is to connect with the Unconscious mind in order to effect change in your life. Your unconscious mind is the deepest part of your personality and psyche. The first thing to appreciate is that the unconscious mind is the source of all learning, all behavior and all change. It is the source of the intelligence of your body. Without it you would not be able to function. It’s the unconscious mind that regulates the beating of your heart, the digestion of your food, the blinking of the eyes, along with a whole host of other functions on automatic pilot with very little conscious effort.

Trying to change something about yourself be it a bad habit, a certain belief or a negative pattern by just commanding your conscious mind, does not have the long lasting effect that we desire for example how many people consciously know that smoking is bad for them but are unable to stop, how many make New year resolutions such as I’m going to lose weight, I’m going to start going to the gym, I’m going to stop smoking, I’m going to stop eating chocolates, only to fail miserably year after year, failure is then blamed on not having the will power, well that will power is not your conscious mind, that will power comes from the Unconscious mind.

Behavior is generated at the Unconscious level. During a Hypnotherapy session a Hypnotherapist helps to facilitate a trance state so that the learning’s and suggestions go straight to the unconscious mind the domain of change.

Success depends on the willingness of the unconscious mind to accept the suggestions along with the presenting problem for example stopping smoking can usually be dealt with in a few sessions, more deeply rooted issues could take longer, the therapist will help draw up an outcome and help ensure that each session leads to progress until the desired result is met.