Epil Pro

Epil Pro… designed to relieve the problem of unwanted hair

Daily mail

Looking for a needle-free, heat-free hair removal treatment? Try Epil Pro! It’s a permanent hair reduction technology that uses sound waves to remove unwanted hair without causing any damage to the surrounding skin.

What is Epil Pro
Epil Pro is a cutting-edge hair removal method based on sound wave technology.
This device emits sounds energy that travels down the hair shaft and destroys the hair root, leaving your skin soft and smooth.
This innovative treatment has been praised by The Times, Daily Mail, Marie Claire, and is fast becoming the beauty editors treatment of choice. Its benefits and safety are backed up by science and has proven results.

The device can be used on sensitive areas, such as the bikini line, underarms, and face. It is safe to use around the eye area and allows for precise eyebrow contouring. It successfully remove excess body hair caused by hormonal imbalances.
Since it generates no heat, burning pitting, and pigmentation are non-existent and therefore there is no risk of scarring or irritation.

It’s designed for both men and women, and can be used on all hair colours. The hair needs to be at least one centimeter long for treatment.

How Effective Is Epil Pro?
The sound waves emitted by this device target the base of the hair follicle, cutting off the oxygen supply to the hair root. Basically, it starves the hair root until it dies. This revolutionary system can remove underarm hair in as little as 20 minutes and an entire area can be treated and cleared in one session. It’s one of the few hair removal methods that works on tanned skin. Even those with polycystic ovary syndrome or diabetes can reap its benefits. It can be used on sensitive areas of the skin and is effective on distorted follicles such as PCOS sufferers. Most clients achieve a 38 percent hair reduction after just two sessions. The results are permanent and it is effective against all hair colours and skin tones.

After a typical session, you can return to work and resume your daily activities. For best results, repeat the treatment every two weeks until all hair is removed.

10 Good reasons to choose Epil Pro

  • Effective for all skin tones.
  • Suitable for all hair colours.
  • No risk of skin trauma such as burning, scarring, pitting or pigmentation.
  • Pinpoint precision for highly sensitive areas.
  • Relatively pain free.
  • Entire area can be treated and cleared in one session.
  • Suitable for diabetics.
  • Effective on distorted follicles eg PCOS sufferers.
  • Safe to use on tanned skin and during summer months.
  • Can be used on sensitive areas of the body.