Exception Ultime Range

Age 50+ – Total Cellular Regeneration. Representing a major scientific discovery in Cosmetology and based on 10 years of research Exception Ultime offers the ultimate in Anti-Ageing skincare. This exclusive AGE REVERSE Complex works on the Fibroblasts to reactivate them and restore their original youth functions. Working on all signs of ageing the collection includes high concentrations of active ingredients to provide an exceptional difference for your skin.

Ultimate Time Solution Cream / Rich Cream (£95.00) – Featuring a Revolutionary Age Reverse complex with redensifying and restructuring properties and Oleuropein to visibly fade the appearance of dark spots. The rich cream also contains precious Raspberry seed oil to dry to very dry skin.

Ultimate Time Solution Serum (£105.00) – Enriched with Skin Designer, Lastine 3D, Age Reverse Complex & Oleuropein and highly concentrated in hyaluronic acid this serum with a fluid indulgent texture, plumps up the skin in an instant, leaving a visibly firmer smoother complexion with a flawless more even tone.

Ultimate Time Solution Eyes & Lips (£55) – Enriched with Age Reverse Complex and precarious molecules, this cream smooth’s wrinkles, lifts the eyelids, diminishes under eye puffiness and dark circles.


Purete Marine Range – (Oily / Combination skin)
Perfect Matte Fluid (£26.25) – This fluid offers dual anti shine correction and minimises the appearance of pores for flawlessly matte skin for up to 8 hours
Intense Regulating Concentrate (£29.50) – This powerful 7 day treatment product helps to moderate excess sebum, reduce skin thickness and unclog pores for rebalanced, purified skin
Absolute Purifying Mask (£23.00) – Rich in absorbent clay and astringent witch hazel, this skincare mask removes sebum and impurities in just 10 minutes for fresh clean skin
Imperfection Corrector (£17.50) – Infused with skin restoring hyaluronic acid, this gel helps to purify bacterial hot spots to encourage the disappearance of imperfections in record time.

Prodige Des Oceans Range

Prodige Des Oceans Range – This patented formula concentrates 63 key active ingredients offering total youthfulness, tailored to the needs of your skin

Cream (£120).00 – The ultimate beauty experience, this divine treatment product defies time, lines are visibly smoothed and the skin appears firmer, more toned and full of vitality.
Mask (£80.00) – This mask is saturated in pure oxygen for a plumping, smoothing effect and incomparable radiance
Essence (£136.00) – Containing 61 essential marine nutrients, this powerful elixir stimulates exceptional tissue regeneration to improve complexion, skin tone, vitality and radiance to help you rediscover flawless skin

Cold Cream Marine Range (For Dry/Sensitive Skin)

Cold Cream Marine Range (For Dry/Sensitive Skin) – A classic recipe reinvented by the Thalgo Laboratory, containing Algae Oil, Marine Wax and Seve Bleue des Oceans to replenish soothe and repair dry and sensitive skin
Nutri Soothing cream (£36.75) – This soothing replenishing and repairing cream improves the skins tolerance to external stress factors and boosts the synthesis of skin lipids for long lasting comfort.
Nutri Soothing Rich cream (41.50) – The rich cream has all the benefits of the Nutri Soothing Cream, supplemented with high performance nourishing and protecting active ingredients
Mulit Soothing Concentrate – (£39.50) – This concentrate helps to moderate hyper- reactivity and sensitivity for intensely soothed skin in just 7 days. Irritation and feelings of discomfort are reduced.
Deeply Nourishing Mask (31.00) – This lipid-rich SOS treatment slowly infuses fatty acids into the skin to reduce roughness, flakiness and feelings of discomfort and itchiness

Eveil A La Mer Range

Eveil A La Mer Range – Thalgo’s new cleansing range contains the special ingredient Seve Bleue des Oceans. This pure spring water is drawn up from below the sea bed and is incredibly rich in Vitamins and Minerals to deeply hydrate and remineralise the skin.

Gentle Cleansing Milk (£16.95) – This gentle cleansing milk effectively removes make-up and impurities leaving all skin types feeling comfortable even sensitive skin
Foaming Micellar Cleansing Lotion (£25.00) – contains tiny micellar particles that absorb make up, oil and impurities to reveal a clearer looking complexion.
Micellar Cleansing Water (£21.00) – This 3 in 1 cleanser contains tiny micellar particles that absorb make up, oil and impurities to cleanse, tone and remineralise in a single step
Gentle Exfoliator (£27.00) – A gentle cream exfoliator offering a dual chemical and mechanical exfoliation using 100% natural jojoba oil, micro beads to refine the skin and illuminate the complexion.
Refreshing Exfoliator (£27) – A cool gel with triple strength exfoliation to smooth the skin and boost radiance
Resurfacing cream (£35) – A highly effective exfoliator with shea butter and aluminium oxide micro crystals to refine the skins texture, smooth away fine lines and boost radiance.

Age Defying Skincare range

Age Defying Skincare range – Correct the signs of Ageing as they appear.
As skin ages, Collagen and Hyaluronic acid reserves diminish and cell regeneration slows. Wrinkles start to appear and skin loses firmness. THALGO has analysed the changes in the skin at different ages and developed a skincare range to provide the collagen and Hyaluronic acid skin is missing and at the same time stimulating the skin to produce more of these essential elements itself.

Age 25+ First Wrinkles
Collagen Cream (£54.50) – Acts at the source of the fine lines and wrinkles to erase them and prevent new lines forming. Apply morning and evening
Collagen Concentrate (£56.00) – This ultra – concentrated Marine Collagen serum combines two types of collagen with a potent seaweed extract rich in essential vitamins to instantly smooth first wrinkles leaving skin velvety soft.

Age 35+ –
Hyaluronic Cream (£59.00) – Erase fine lines and fill deeper wrinkles with this high performance cream. Our special complex stimulates the molecules essential for younger looking skin
Hyaluronic Filler (£42.50) – Cell boosting Marine Hyaluronic Acid is combined with an anti ageing seaweed extract with a complex of essential vitamins. Apply to targeted lines and wrinkles as needed
Hyaluronic Mask (£36.00) – A professional formula mask re-plumps the skin and fills deep wrinkles

Age 45+
Silicium Cream (£70.00) – This super cream nourishes the skin while lifting and firming. Packed with high performance anti-ageing actives to meet all the needs of your skin and combat the signs of ageing.
Lifting Correcting Day Cream (£70.00) – Contains Marine Silicium Complex to restore the skins natural firmness, elasticity and toned appearance while visibly smoothing wrinkles.
Lifting Correcting Night Cream (£70.00) – Restores the skins natural regenerating power with White Lupin, Lumisource and Marine Silicium Complex to target the visible signs of ageing while improving the skins tone & Elasticity.
Wrinkle Lifting Serum (£72.00) – Contains Marine Silicium Complex to combat deep wrinkles and fine lines, while Mica and diamond micro particles instantly brighten the face.

Source Marine Range

Source Marine Range – The first Hydra Marine 24H skincare products that help to recreate a well of vital water at the heart of the skin and regenerate its radiance potential
Hydra Marine 24 hour cream (£41.50) – ideal for normal to dry skin, this luxurious moisturiser melts into the skin for 24 hour hydration while infusing it with a new perfect radiance.
Hydra Marine 24 hour gel cream (£36.75) – For normal to combination skin, this gel-cream has a lighter texture for a feeling of delicate freshness, as well as 24 hour hydration and perfect radiance
Hydra Marine Serum (£51.00) – Thalgo’s first universal radiance serum helps to reactivate the skins natural detoxification process, delivering pure radiance and a unique glow to that complexion
Absolute Hydra Marine Concentrate (£39.50) – A 7-day SOS treatment with unmatched moisturising power. Just one drop of this concentrate rich in Hyaluronic acid delivers 24 hours of absolute hydration
Absolute Radiance Concentrate (£39.50) – The “radiance boost” solution for skin lacking in vitality, this concentrate helps to correct the appearance of dull, tired looking skin for exceptional radiance.
Ultra Hydra Marine Mask (£31.00) – Enriched with two Hyaluronic acids, this radiance boosting mask works in just 5 minutes to infuse hydration at the heart of the skin and instantly plump and smooth.